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Personal information protection policy
Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd. ("The Company") has established contribution to society as its business philosophy, and is engaged in mail order sales under the motto of earning trust by providing true customer satisfaction. Safely and appropriately utilizing the personal information gained through these activities is an important corporate responsibility, and an obligation we have to society. To ensure that we continue to fulfill this obligation, we educate every employee in our personal information protection policy, and enforce observation.
  1. The Company will observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, national guidelines, and applicable regulations.
  2. The Company will establish an internal management system complying with JIS Q15001 (Personal information protection management systems-Requirements), and management personnel will enforce appropriate application.
  3. To ensure appropriate protection of all personal information (including data approved for disclosure), The Company will exercise care in the handling, utilization, and provision of personal information, and will not utilize such information for any purpose or in any way other than as specified.
  4. The Company will take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, information leakage, loss, or damage affecting managed personal information (including employment applicants), to repay the trust placed in it by customers and employees.
  5. The Company will establish a contact point for inquiries, opinions, complaints, and consultations by customers and employees (including employment applicants), to improve the satisfaction of all parties involved with The Company.
  6. The Company will establish a personal information protection management system, including these guidelines, corporate systems, corporate rules, and activities designed to protect personal information, and continuously review and improve it.
The Company will respond promptly to requests for disclosure or other matters related to personal information held by the Company. Please inquire directly for information on procedures.
April 1, 2004 First edition
Oct. 1, 2010 Revision

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