To ensure that every customer is fully satisfied
Under our slogan of "one-to-one health and beauty care" we handle an extensive line of cosmetics, health and nutritional foods, and medical products. Our first priority is always delivering products that will satisfy our customers. To continue to help customers worried about their skin or with other health or beauty issues, we combine the natural power of plants with advanced technology, supported by the stringent quality management you would expect of a pharmaceuticals company, to create exciting new products.
The three key concepts of Shinnihonseiyaku
Aging care
Differences in age, skin characteristics, and environment make every person unique, with unique problems. We listen to our customers, and work to understand those problems, creating products that truly address the issues of aging.
The power of plants
Shinnihonseiyaku is especially interested in the natural vitality of Chinese herbs, known for their relationship to human health and beauty since ancient times. We are thorough about the quality of our plants as well, and now cultivate and research about twenty varieties of medicinal plants at our research institute.
Advanced technology
Our responsibility as a pharmaceuticals manufacturer is to apply the very latest technology to bring out the maximum effectiveness of the active agents. Research and trial-and-error are never-ending processes as we develop new products with even better quality and efficacy.
Product line-up
  • Cosmetics
  • Supplements
  • Medicines
We offer an extensive line of products, especially simple products based on our proprietary technology that delivers the components the skin needs exactly where they are needed most.
Our health and nutrition products are designed to ensure that our customers can take them daily without difficulty, using carefully selected ingredients, and manufactured to offer outstanding aroma and flavor in an easy-to-swallow size.
We offer total support, from development through sale, and consultations with pharmacists, providing medical products to relieve worries about your skin or health.

photo Evolving simplicity: the all-in-one brand
developed by a pharmaceutical company
Perfect One series
All of the development expertise of Shinnihonseiyaku has been distilled into these three steps: cleanse, moisturize, finish. These three key items cover the complete process from cleansing and skin care to make-up base. Addressing the change in collagen quality and quantity with aging, Perfect One products include composite collagen, a mixture of various types of collagen in the ideal balance, delivered to the skin with the optimal technology. The logomark is a brilliant diamond, perfection from a rough gemstone, in an eight-sided shape representing the perfect balance. The brown color expresses the gentle earth and nature, together with intellect. The Perfect One series is the new, simple care solution for women who treasure authenticity.
Retail outlets
photo The ideal beauty solution,
Perfect One shops under our direct management can be found in leading department stores, offering beauty advice and free sample application to help interested customers we’ve never served yet discover and purchase our products. We utilize the expertise gained through our mail-order business to provide personal, face-to-face service, helping each woman discover her own unique beauty. Customers can now find our products in over four hundred variety shops and major shopping centers nationwide. We are continuing to expand our service area and boost brand recognition, establishing a network so customers can find the products they want wherever they may be.
photo Growing Perfect One into a global brand,
from the Shanghai Office
Our Shanghai Office was opened and a local subsidiary established in 2010 as a hub for development in East Asia, and the first step in growth into a global brand. The Chinese think differently about cosmetics than the Japanese, so new product strategies are being developed that take local lifestyle and custom into account. We are currently involved in Internet mail-order and wholesale business, and plan to launch storefront operations and television shopping. Our RAffINE Perfect One shops in China are steadily growing in popularity, and now offer extensive product lines. In addition to selling products developed for the Japan market, we have also developed an original line, called "Tokyo Girls," specifically for the China market. We are planning to expand our business operations in cosmetics and health foods into China and other East Asian nations, as well as ASEAN nations, based on local demand and market characteristics.
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