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Medicinal plants
photo Handling everything from the raw
materials ourselves, to ensure safety
The Shinnihonseiyaku Group established the Research Institute of Medicinal Plant Resources in Hongo-machi, Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture in 2006 as a center for research into medicinal plant cultivation. Hongo-machi is an ideal spot for plant cultivation, offering a rich natural environment and plentiful underground water.
About twenty types of medicinal plants are cultivated on the 15,000 square meter site, including the purple gromwell and licorice used as raw material in medical and beauty products. We select plants with rapid growth and high levels of key substances to develop original products. Genetic analysis is also being advanced as a means of identifying plant varieties
photo Successfully cultivating a
variety of medicinal plants
The first plant we began cultivating was licorice, which is used in about 70% of the three hundred or so common herbal medicines. We were successful, establishing the cultivation technology. Today, we work with local governments across Japan in a range of licorice cultivation projects. We are also active in biotechnology, developing new methods of cultivation for licorice, purple gromwell, peonies, and other medicinal herbs, to increase the effective yield and promote long-term profitability. The results of our efforts are presented at society conferences in Japan, and are closely followed by the industry.
photo Introducing our cultivation
technology to the world
In March 2014 we launched a medical plant cultivation operation in Myanmar, leveraging the cultivation technologies we have developed to diversify our range of production sites and help ensure a stable, high-volume supply.
The project is part of the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) initiative run by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), working to boost income of poverty-level households and create employment in rural agriculture, and contributing to healthcare and medicine in industrializing nations. The cultivation technology developed at the Institute is beginning to spread internationally, bringing healthier, richer lives to the world.
photo Manufacturing and quality assurance
handled in-house for the highest quality
Our manufacturing facilities have been certified for the ISO9001 international quality management system. We have established a tough quality and safety framework based on Good Quality Practice (GQP) and Good Vigilance Practice (GVP) standards that cover every step from raw materials selection to receiving, microbiological, and standards inspections. We opened a plant in the city of Fukuoka in 2003. The company is also developing specialty products, such an original line of cosmetics made with extracts from medicinal plants cultivated at the Research Institute of Medicinal Plant Resources. Collaborative research with Japanese universities is a priority, including research into early cancer detection with Kyushu University, and the genetics of longevity with Juntendo University. The company is actively involved in a range of R&D into the medical products of tomorrow.
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