About Us


As a company that deals in products closely related to “living” such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and health foods, we take fulfilling our responsibility to society very seriously. As well as development and providing products, we began initiatives to contribute something to society with the idea that it would be good if we could do something more as a member of society and the community.

  • (1) Working diligently starting with one thing at a time.
  • (2) Doing what each and every one of us is capable of doing.
  • (3) The entire company uniting as one.

We take the notions above and bring them to life through various initiatives. We believe that we can fulfill our role as a company for the benefit of individuals, for society, and for the community.

Projects Undertaken by Us

Smile Project One
An initiative to expand our circle of smiles by valuing the connection between people.

“Smile Project One” sees us participate in events that bring excitement to the local community, activities to aid disaster recovery efforts, and initiatives to help people in different countries. We at Shinnihonseiyaku aim to create a culture in which employees are willing to participate in activities that make a social contribution.

Eco Project One
An initiative to protect our beautiful earth for the sake of future children.

“Eco Project One” sees us carry out activities such as cleaning the local area and efforts to promote the idea of using personal reusable chopsticks. If we take what each and every employee can do and engage in an effort across the whole company, we can make a major impact. For future children, we will do what we can to protect our beautiful earth with its rich nature.