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Eco Project One

What We Can Do for Our Planet.

Revised December 2022

Sansonjuku “Supporter of Kasahara Tanadamai Rice”

Supporting Areas Affected by Torrential Rain in Northern Kyushu

Sansonjuku was launched in Yame City, Kurogi-machi in Fukuoka Prefecture with the aim of preserving the rich natural environment, such as rice terraces and forests, by uniting residents living in urban and rural areas. In support of the Kasahara district, which was damaged by the torrential rain that occurred in northern Kyushu during July 2012, the “Supporter of Kasahara Tanadamai Rice” project was established to purchase rice made by local rice terraces for 5 years, and provide ongoing support for the damage caused by the torrential rain. We became a supporter of this and purchased Tanadamai rice as rice to be used in our employee cafeteria. In order to revitalize the disaster-stricken areas, we are continuing to offer support so that future generations will get to see these beautiful terraced rice fields.

Promotion of Personal Reusable Chopsticks and Cups In-house

Doing What We Can for Our Planet by Starting with the Simple Things

Annually, about 25 billion disposable chopsticks are used in Japan; the equivalent of about 17,000 homes being burned to the ground. Continuing to use disposable chopsticks made by cutting down forests can potentially cause floods and other disasters. As people who call this planet home, rather than treating this fact as an environmental problem in a distant world, we take action as part of our daily lives. Starting with the “My Chopsticks Movement” and encouraging staff to use personal reusable cups and bags, we are promoting efforts to protect the environment and expanding our activities to protect our beautiful earth.

Eco Cap Initiative

Transforming Bottle Caps into Vaccines

We collect the caps from plastic bottles that are produced around us and tie them in to green efforts. This initiative was brought about by ideas from our employees when thinking about environmental issues. Through these small bottle caps, a pleasant environment friendly to the earth is created, employment for people with disabilities is produced, and recycled plastic products are made. Each employee contributes to creating “good products and good things” in everyday life.

Initiative to Help Clean the Local Area

Creating a Pleasant City Environment

We want to cherish our relationship with our customers and the people in the communities where we do business, and thought ‘what if we helped to create a better local environment?’ That’s why we have been undertaking efforts to clean around the company premises with a different department doing so each week and the entire company coming together to do so twice annually. Learning about the existence of garbage that one does not notice just by commuting to work has changed the awareness of our employees. We will continue to think about what each of us can do as a member of society, and continue initiatives that we can put into practice around us.