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Smile Project One

What We Can Do for Health.

Revised December 2020

NPO Wig Ring Japan

We Want Many Women to Shine

“Wig Ring Japan” passes on the wigs of patients who have successful completed cancer treatment to women who are currently fighting cancer in order to give them the courage to fight the disease and deliver smiles and hope. We support women fighting cancer in various ways, such as running get-together events where cancer patients can exchange information, holding health care seminars, publishing medical information magazines, and publishing information via the Internet. We support initiatives such as “Learn in a Cafe: All about Cancer” where one can learn about the illness in a relaxed atmosphere, and back activities that make lots of women shine. In 2013, together we received the Collaboration Category Award at “Fukuoka Society of Mutual Assistance”.

Employment Center for Disabled Athletes C’s Athlete

Aiming for the Development of New Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities and the Promotion of Sports for People with Disabilities

The mission of “C's Athlete”, which was established for the purpose of developing new employment opportunities for disabled people and promoting sports for people with disabilities, focusing on Paralympic athletes who have overcome their disabilities to balance work and their athletic activities, is to help adults and children with disabilities to become “self-reliant”. “C's Athlete” hold lectures and disabled interaction events at local companies and schools, and engage in activities to raise awareness for mutual understanding with non-disabled people and to encourage the recruitment of disabled people at companies. We support efforts to achieve the society that C's Athlete is aiming for, such as by holding in-house lectures and providing massages by a physiotherapist.

NGO International Human Rights Network

Support Activities across Borders

When Representative Yumiko Ogata visited Cambodia, she was shocked by encounters with victims of anti-personnel landmines, and founded the network in 1996 with the desire to “live a life that can contribute something to the world”. Currently, efforts are mainly underway in the village of Mondolubai where many families of landmine victims live located among the ruins of Angkor Wat. The network established and runs “Hope Elementary School” that allows students to attend free of charge, with the belief that education will save the country. We visit “Hope Elementary School” every year together with support supplies collected from employees. Employees further their understanding of the initiative and increase awareness by also participating in graduation ceremonies and support activities. In 2019, 12 years after the start of the activities, it became a public elementary school, and continuous support was realized.

(Certified) Non-profit organization Japan Heart

A Bright Future for Children in Developing Countries

Established as an international medical volunteer organization with the aim of further improving the quality of overseas medical efforts, this initiative started in Myanmar and has now extended to Cambodia. Efforts range from medical initiatives such as dispatching medical staff and volunteers such as doctors and nurses, running facilities for children made orphans due to disasters and illnesses such as AIDS, and support to aid the independence of the visually impaired. We are also conducting efforts to “deliver medical care where medical care cannot be delivered” both in Japan and overseas, such as by dispatching nurses to areas where medical care is lacking. We support “SmileSmilePROJECT”, an activity that supports paediatric cancer patients and their families.

Non-profit organization TABLE FOR TWO International

School Lunches for African Children

On the same planet, there are people who suffer from hunger and people who are unhealthy from eating too much. “TABLE FOR TWO” is a program that was created to simultaneously try to solve these conflicting problems. Through TABLE FOR TWO, we have introduced a 20-yen donation for school meals for children in developing countries from every meal purchased from the cafeteria salad bar we have introduced. One meal for us will be one meal for an African child. Under the vision of “Creating Healthy and Enriched Lives for People around the World”, we undertake efforts that contribute to society in which employees can also fully feel their impact.

Non-profit organization SOS Children’s Villages Japan

A Loving Family for All Children

“Children's Village Fukuoka” was established to address the issue of how to support and raise children who need social care. Under the vision of “Loving families for all children”, the organization welcomes children who cannot live with their families, form a “new family” with foster parents at the core which act as a substitute for their actual parents, and continue to support them until they become independent. “Children's Village Tohoku” provides permanent support for children who have lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake so that they can have an enriched childhood in the local community. We support activities related to children’s futures, such as by installing vending machines at office.

Drunk Driving Eradication Campaign

Improving Our Morals

In Fukuoka Prefecture, where our head office is located, the prefecture has been working to eradicate drunk driving since the tragic drunk driving accident that occurred in Uminonakamichi Ohashi in 2006. We are actively engaged in activities that change the awareness of people, like supporting the free paper “TOMOs” issued three times a year based on the concept of “Let's eradicate drunk driving and live a wonderful life together” as part of an initiative by non-profit organization Heart Space.

Hakata Dontaku Port Festival

Employees Unite Together to Put Smiles on People’s Faces

In 2011, the Hakata Dontaku Port Festival celebrated its 50th anniversary as a festival of the citizens of Fukuoka. Held annually on May 3rd and 4th, many people perform dances on stages and open spaces set up in Hakata and Tenjin, and the whole city comes to life in a wash of color. There are about 770 organizations that participate in the event, about 36,000 participants, and about 2.4 million visitors, thereby making it arguably the best festival in Japan during Golden Week. In 2009, we formed the “Shinnihonseiyaku Dontaku Team” and participated in the parade with about 100 of our employees. We show our feelings of gratitude to many people and participate in efforts to promote regional revitalization.

Fukukoi Asian Festival

Praying that Many People Receive Good Fortune

“Fukuyokoi! Fukukoi! (Good luck!) The idea that lots of good fortune will shower upon many people is at the heart of Fukuoka's new festival “Fukukoi Asian Festival”. Since its establishment in 2000, teams of men and women of all ages, including disabled people and people from overseas, have participated in the festival. Through festivals and dancing, we aim to achieve “the healthy upbringing of young people”, “revitalize local communities and promote inter-regional exchanges”, as well as “cultural exchange with other Asian countries”. We support this effort to promote regional prosperity and development with the thought of making the city a happy place!

Social Welfare Corporation JOY Breathing Life into Tomorrow “JOY Club”

Aiming to Create a Compassionate Multicultural Society

The “JOY Club” was established in Fukuoka in 1993 as a workshop for people with intellectual disabilities. The club consists of two groups: “Music Ensemble” for music activities and “Atelier Bravo” for art production. Everyone involved in these groups aims to become an independent artist while sharpening their sensibilities every day. The music ensemble holds performances to perform songs and dances that can be enjoyed with an audience; meanwhile Atelier Bravo shows the participants’ sensibilities through live art events and workshops. We support activities that aim to encourage social participation by meeting new people through music and art.