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Shinnihonseiyaku is committed to protecting the personal information of our customers. Your personal information is strictly managed and protected with the utmost care.

Privacy Policy

Based on our mission of “Achieving the Greatest Possible Satisfaction and Trust from Our Customers”, Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the company” or “we”) considers contributing to society through our health and beauty business to be our social mission. The safe and proper management of personal information received from everyone related to the company is the most important matter in pursuing our business, and in order to ensure the protection of personal information, we hereby establish this Privacy Policy.

  1. We shall comply with related laws, including the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information”, government guidelines, and other standards.
  2. We shall set up an internal management system that complies with Japanese Industrial Standards “Personal information protection management systems - Requirements” (JIS Q 15001), and management will take the lead in operating this said system.
  3. In order to protect all retained personal information (including data subject to disclosure), we shall take the utmost care in the acquisition, use, and provision of personal information, and we shall not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use (use outside the scope of the purpose of use).
  4. To gain the trust of customers and employees (including job applicants), we shall endeavor to prevent and correct unauthorized access to personal information managed by the company, as well as leakage and loss of and damage to personal information.
  5. We shall establish a contact point for inquiries, opinions, complaints, and consultations from our customers and employees (including job applicants), listen earnestly to what they have to say, and strive to improve the satisfaction of everyone related to the company.
  6. We will set up a personal information protection management system that defines our Privacy Policy, internal system, various rules and various initiatives for protecting personal information, and shall endeavor to review and continuously improve it.

We will promptly respond to a request made by the individual concerned for the disclosure, etc. of the personal data held by the company described above. Please refer to "Requests for the disclosure, correction, and/or deletion of personal information" at the end of this document for the procedures for disclosure, etc.

Established on April 1, 2004
Revised March 28, 2022

Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd.
President & Representative Director of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Takahiro Goto

Point of Contact for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information Protection
Personal Information Management Office, Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd.
TEL:0120-921-888(In Japanese only)

Purpose for Using Personal Information

  1. We use your personal information for the following purposes:
           【Purpose for using personal information in e-commerce and mail order sales】
    1. For delivering the products you ordered in e-commerce and mail order sales.
    2. For registration, change, and cancellation of purchase information in e-commerce and mail order sales (if we receive notice of a change of address or contact information from a shipping company, we will contact you to confirm the change).
    3. For processing credit card payments (credit card numbers will be deposited directly with the payment processing company and will not be stored on the company's terminals).
    4. For providing information on our new products and services and responding to inquiries in mail order sales (in this case, we will record the content of calls with customers in order to provide more reliable services. You may also request that we stop sending information on new products and services (direct mail, newsletters, etc.)).
    5. For responding to consultation regarding skin and physical condition when using products.

    【Purpose for using personal information in store sales】
    1. For providing counseling, treatment, and consultation services for products and services handled at stores.
    2. For information on new products and services at stores.
    【Disclosure and provision to third parties】
    In order to ensure the smooth execution of business operations for the above purposes of use, we may outsource a part of our operations and provide personal information to the outsourcing contractor to the extent necessary. In this case, we will enter into an outsourcing agreement with the outsourcing contractor that includes rules and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, and will manage the information appropriately.In addition, we will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except in the case of provision to an outsourcing contractor as described above, or in any of the following cases.
    1. When the customer has given his/her consent.
    2. When disclosing or providing statistical data or other information in a form that cannot identify an individual.
    3. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, person, or property and it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
    4. When it is necessary to cooperate with national or local governments, etc. in the performance of their official functions, and obtaining the customer's consent may interfere with the performance of those functions.
    【Use of information linked to identifiers such as cookies】
    1. We may obtain your IP address, cookie information (refers to information associated with cookies) and individual identification information of your mobile device, etc. We will use this information for purposes such as protecting your privacy, improving convenience, delivering advertisements, and obtaining statistical data, and will not use such information for any other purposes.
    2. Cookies are widely used to provide better services by identifying your web browser. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information or any other information related to your privacy. Users can disable the cookie function by changing the settings of their web browsers, but in such case, some services may become unavailable.
    3. Such information will be used for advertising, promotional and marketing purposes.
  2. In order to maintain and improve our service level, we will use our customers’ personal information for questionnaire surveys, information on services, etc., as well as internal investigations and research materials.
  3. For the personal information of visitors to the company, we will obtain the name of the company with which the person is affiliated (company name, etc.) and the name of the visitor for information security protection.

Purpose for using personal information in relation to job applicants

We use the personal information of job applicants for the following purposes:
  1. For notifying interview schedules.
  2. For use as reference material for assessment screenings.

Purpose for using personal information in relation to employees

We use the personal information of employees for the following purposes:
  1. For transferring and assigning staff
  2. For personnel evaluations and salary calculation
  3. For employee education & training and training dispatch
  4. For welfare management
  5. For procedures such as when joining or leaving the company
  6. For various group management and operation
  7. For contact made by us
  8. For health and hygiene management
  9. For admission procedures for or training at store buildings
  10. For other general corporate operations

Requests for the disclosure, correction, and/or deletion of personal information

For personal information on all people related to our company, you can request that we disclose personal information obtained from you. Furthermore, as a result of disclosing this personal information, you can also request that we correct and/or delete it and so on (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure, etc.”).

  1. Persons who can make requests for disclosure, etc.
    1. The individual concerned who provides personal information to the company as customers or employees (including job applicants)
    2. Legal representative of minor or adult ward
  2. Procedure for requesting disclosure, etc.

    ※Please be aware that we may ask you to provide documents for identity verification.

    1. For those who wish to have their personal information disclosed, corrected, or deleted, we ask that you contact us at the contact point specified in [Point of contact for inquiries regarding personal information] by way of telephone or fax, etc.
    2. After confirming whether or not a request has been made by the individual concerned (or agent in the event the request is for a disclosure, etc.), we will promptly carry out the procedures for disclosure, etc. and report the results in writing or via fax and so on.
  3. Handling fees
    The actual mailing costs for responding to the above request for disclosure, etc. in writing, etc., will be charged as a handling fee.

Point of Contact for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

For inquiries regarding personal information, please make your inquiry to the “Point of Contact for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information” below, either by phone or fax.

Point of Contact for Inquires About Personal Information

1-4-7 Otemon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0074, Japan
Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd.

Point of contact for inquiries regarding personal information: Personal Information Management Office

TEL:0120-921-888 (Hours available: weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)
FAX:0120-911-311 (Hours available: 24/7)
※In Japanese only

Our authorized personal information protection organization is as follows.

Japan Direct Marketing Association
ontact:03-5651-1122 (In Japanese only)
Available: Monday to Friday, 10 to 12 am, 1 to 4 pm (excluding year-end & New Year holidays as well as public holidays)