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Health and Productivity Management

Health and Productivity Management

We believe that it is important for each employee to be healthy and happy in order for Shinnihonseiyaku purpose “beyond innovation, for a beautiful smile!” We value the expression “a company is a human resource”, and declare that employees and the company work together to achieve health and productivity management.

  1. We bring to life a work environment where employees are comfortable and can work enthusiastically and happily.
  2. We bring to life a system in which employees can work at ease both physically and mentally.
  3. We bring to life a corporate culture where employees can try new things and feel a sense of purpose.

Here are some of our initiatives.

Psychological Wellbeing

Birthdays and Thanksgiving

During an employee's month of birth, we hold birthday events to convey appreciation from the company for all their hard work on a daily basis. It is an event packed with gratitude for the special person, and a company executive plays the role of the host. At the end of the year, we also hold a Thanksgiving Day in which we thank everyone for their hard work over the year.

Thank You Cards

We launched this project with the aim of becoming “the company with the most thank yous in Japan”. When there is the feeling of gratitude of one employee wanting to say “thank you” to a fellow employee, a message is sent in a “thank you card” written by hand. The recipient is then presented with it in the post.

Interaction with Families

We hold "Shinnihonseiyaku Family Day" for the families of our employees to get to know and like our company. Children exchange business cards with employees, experience jobs, and solve quiz games related to our company, which brings beaming smiles.

Physical Health

Smart Lunch

Based on sports nutrition, our employee cafeteria offers a daily “Smart Lunch” meal that is supervised by a registered dietitian. It is about 600 kcal, which is 1/3 of the daily energy intake required for an adult woman.

Support for Employee Participation in Sports

We support employee participation in full marathons, relay marathons, beach tennis, and triathlons. As well as contributing to society as a tournament sponsor, we also contribute to the each employee getting into better shape.

Participation in Local Events

Each year, we form the Shinnihonseiyaku Dontaku Team with approximately 100 employees and appear in the Hakata Dontaku Port Festival, which is one of Japan's major festivals. We perform the traditional Yosakoi dance and excite the local community while delivering cheerful smiles.

Other Initiatives

In February 2018, the Kyushu-Fukuoka Health Management Promotion Council* was established to promote health and productivity management in Kyushu. We agree with the founding objective to contribute to the economic development of Kyushu by health and productivity management being recognized and practiced by many companies and organizations, and thus have been involved as one of the founding organizations. We will continue to promote health and productivity management, discuss and share information on what it entails, and spread its message far and wide.

*The Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan was established as a company that promotes health and productivity management in Kyushu.

Examples of Awards We Have Received

Management that Values People
The 7th “Company to Be Valued Most in Japan ” Grand Prize
Chairperson of Organizing Committee Award

In 2017, we won the grand prize of the Chairperson of Organizing Committee Award at the 7th “Company to Be Valued Most in Japan”. We were commended as a company that cherishes our employees and their families, business partners, customers, and local communities, and continues to engage in efforts to make people happy.

Reason for Winning

Volunteer activities instigated by the company, recruiting of disabled employees, cafeteria (employee cafeteria) that leads to staff getting in to better shape, and efforts to revitalize the community, etc.