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1. Declaration

In order to deliver on the trust installed in us by our customers and society as a whole, Shinnihonseiyaku Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we”), based on our management philosophy, hereby stipulate our information security policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) to strive to ensure and improve confidentiality, integrity, and availability, which are three major requirements for information security, and declare that we shall comply, implement, and promote this policy. 

2. Scope of Application

This policy covers information related to all business activities under our management (including confidential information and personal information).

3. Legal Compliance

We comply with laws and regulations related to information security, government guidelines, and other standards.

4. Establishment of Information Security Management System

We will establish an information security management system, make accountability for information security clear, and implement unified information security management as an organization.

5. Establishment of Information Security Rules

When taking information security measures, we shall establish information security rules that specify the basic requirements that are required in order to set standards in a unified manner for actions and judgments that ought to be complied with.

6. Implementation of Information Security Measures

We shall strive to prevent the occurrence of information security incidents by implementing appropriate information security measures in accordance with our information assets. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs, we shall deal with it promptly to minimize any damage and try to prevent recurrence.

7. Implementation of Information Security Education and Training

We will implement education and training for executives and all employees (regardless of the type of employment such as regular employees, contract employees, part-time employees, etc.) so that staff recognizes the importance of information security, and information assets are managed and used properly.

8. Assessment and Continuous Improvement of Information Security Measures

In order to check that this policy and our information security rules are being complied with, we will periodically assess the implementation status of information security measures and strive to make continuous improvements.

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Established October 1, 2017